Rediscover Your Passion

Pick up a fountain pen and write this down!

I have a confession. I’m an addict. And the drug of choice is fountain pens. Ok, all drama aside, I love to write with vintage (and nu skool) fountain pens. The way the ink flows out of the pointed nib onto the paper is reminiscent of something from years gone by-when people actually wrote things […]

Wisdom is Just a Call Away

Call before you dig. That’s what billboards, radio ads and even web banners shout out to prospective excavators. If you don’t, you may dig a deep hole of debt (because you’ll be on the hook to repair the damaged cables underground). Or someone else will dig a deeper hole for your electrocuted body. Either way, […]

From Weakness to Strength

Living with Anxiety

My buttons were popping with pride and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was sitting in the front row, and on the platform at our church was my wife Melissa speaking to a gathering of about 150 people. Our roles were reversed from the normal routine of me at the microphone and she in the shadows. Her topic? The yo-yo journey she has been on with a severe anxiety disorder.

I was Sideswiped…by Love!

I posted on my Facebook page last year that each December 1st would be “International Sideswipe Day.” This is a day to remember those whom we have lost, share our grief, and encourage one another that there is hope after loss. I was blown away at the responses I received. It can be overwhelming to hear the pain that people go through each day. Some of your stories took my breath away; you have faced so much and you continue to push forward. It’s simply inspirational.

How to Find Clarity in the Chaos

Have you ever tried driving in the middle of a snowstorm or dense fog? If you have, you know that with limited visibility you have to trust the road ahead, and hope that the cars ahead of you have bright taillights!
Do you ever feel like your life is in a fog? Are you unsure and anxious about the future of your career, family or relationships?
Whenever I feel boxed in I remind myself of these four simple truths. They have worked for me, and I know they can and will work for you!

3 Steps to Filter Out the Noise

Do you get exhausted with all the voices vying for your attention everyday? I do! We tune in to some, and tune out the rest. But there is still an underlying ‘white noise’ that clouds our ability to discern what is important and what should end up in the trash.

As a communicator, I need to clearly hear what is vital so I have something life-changing to pass on to my audience.

So, how do I make sure that my message is worth listening to? ie. How do I filter out the noise?

Three Takeaways From Cheery Chewy

The Internet blew up over the weekend with the Facebook Live video of Candace Payne donning her Chewbacca mask while behind the wheel of her car. This simple video that was likely intended for family and a few friends, went viral, and soon over 150 million people had watched, shared and giggled till they almost […]

Over the Hill?

Do you feel old? Perhaps you think your best years are behind you? When I was a kid, forty seemed like a lifetime away. Forty years old. Wow. That was old. I went to a few birthday parties for friends’ parents where plastic pink flamingos were strategically placed on front lawns, helium balloons proclaimed ‘over […]

Breaking News

Seeing things as they really are

I generally like to listen to talk radio or peruse news articles online before work while I eat my breakfast. It’s a routine I have become familiar with. I like to be “in the know” on current events around the world. But I have taken a break from the news for now. I can’t take […]

Int’l Sideswiped Day

  December 1st is the 14 year anniversary since my wife Sheri was tragically killed in a car accident. From this point forward, each December 1st will be “International Sideswipe Day.” It will be a time when I encourage you to share your story of loss, pain or disappointment in an effort to show the […]