Have you ever lost someone you loved? If so, then you’ve been sideswiped. In that moment it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by darkness and despair. But emerging into the light is possible.

Author Michael Voll experienced a sideswipe firsthand. On a family drive one wintery day, his family suffered a horrific car accident. Moments later he lost his wife and simultaneously his picture-perfect future.

Sideswiped is a rare and raw look inside the thoughts, feelings and actions of a man who lost his love and his identity in the process. Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Readers will discover how it’s possible to find hope, healing, and wholeness after the sideswipe of a broken heart.

Author and pastor Michael Voll shows you:

  • Unexpected stages and outcomes of grief
  • Helpful words and actions that comfort those suffering from sadness
  • Three keys to finding hope and healing.
  • The redemptive outcomes of experiencing a sideswipe..
  • How a “new normal” is possible.

If you or someone you love has been sideswiped by death, no matter how bleak it seems, there is hope ahead. You can emerge as an overcomer.


Michael and I were serving together at Broadway Church in Vancouver, BC, when his beautiful young wife, Sheri, was killed in an auto accident. Our family still marks the December 1st anniversaries of that tragic event and her memorial service remains one of the more vivid memories of my pastoral life. Now, in his powerful book,Sideswiped, Mike invites us to walk with him on a remarkable journey of honesty and healing. This book is a gift to all who grieve and a guide for every one of us who wonder if we will survivethose moments when reality and hope collide.

James Bradford, General Secretary, The General Council of the Assemblies of God, USA

When it comes to heart-wrenching bereavement, and the agonizing climb from the dark night of the soul to newness of life, Michael Voll speaks with authority and compassion. “Sideswiped” grips the reader from page one. It especially touched me in that my own daughter lost her husband in a tragic accident in Africa a few years ago. The book grabs your heart and ultimately inspires with hope. A must read for the broken-hearted.

Rev. James Cantelon, Founder and President of Visionledd, Television Host of Jim Cantelon Today

The story that Michael Voll tells in this book is both intensely personal and sincerely pastoral: Voll tells his story in order to help the reader make sense of the encounter with tragedy, providing a map of a journey through grief and, although forever altered by the experience of loss and grief, back into life. By describing his own experience and telling what helped (or hindered) his own healing, he helps us all as we deal with our own grief or walk alongside others.

Maxine Hancock, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Regent College

“In Sideswiped, my friend and colleague, Michael Voll provides us a selfless gift as he allows us into the depths of what he experienced when his wife, Sheri tragically passed away in 2001. The depth of emotion and pathos, the vital role of others, the stages of the journey including the dark night of the soul and the rootedness of an abiding faith are all key elements that Mike openly shares. His insight into beginning a new relationship as he tells his and Melissa’s story is very enlightening. The honesty and wisdom in Sideswiped will prove of immense worth to those who walk a similar path or those called alongside of family and friends in their darkest hours.”

David Wells, General Superintendent, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

Sideswiped had me hooked from the very first page! This first-hand story of incredible grief, loss and confusion gives hope to anyone who has experienced tragedy. It demonstrates the indomitable spirit of anyone who has been broken and remade by a loving God. I found genuine hope for daily living as each chapter provided keen insights from Michael Voll’s experience. I know that this book will help many hurting people rise from the ashes of despair to the beauty of God-given joy!
Dr. Ron Powell, School of Graduate Studies Director at Vanguard College, blogger at

Such a touching and an inspiring journey through the depths of Michael’s soul. The process of grief is heart wrenching and complex. His vulnerability and transparency bring you through the passage from despair to hope and joy.

Wendy Ryden, MSW, RSW, Mental Health Therapist

Death even when expected is always sudden! As I read Michael’s journey “Sideswiped” I could not help but feel the pain that he was feeling. I placed myself in his story through the lense of my own loss. As Michael transitioned from pain to hope I could see how this book would have been a great resource for me in my own journey back toward hope after the death of my mother. If you or someone you know has experienced loss or been “sideswiped” by life, this book is a must read!

Tyler Neilsen

Author of “Stop Talking… Get it Done!” also Founder and Lead Coach at Vision Cast Canada Inc.

Michael Voll has written a beautiful, poignant story of losing someone who was the most important to him and finding hope in the Lord in the midst of pain and sorrow. He explains the steps of grief and sorrow so well and weaves an emotional, raw tale of Christ’s redemption, even when we lose our hope in Him. This book is a must-read by all believers, no matter what you’ve endured. I would rate this book six stars out of five! Pick up this book, you will be glad you did.

HepzibahNanna, Revivalist at the Lion Triumphs Ministries and Co-Pastor at River of Fire Church