Doing What you Said You’d Do

What a Table Can Teach You

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog about unlocking creativity by doing something different, out of our normal comfort zones. In it, I described how I planned on building coffee and end tables. Well, I want to give an update…

I finished my first end table! I had a spot in my freshly painted office that was just begging for a table. So I came, I saw, and I conquered!

Building the table top resulted in some new skills formed and at times I had to make things up as I went (because I had terrible boards and no planer or table saw to make things perfect). Note: In life, leadership things are rarely [perfect and improvisation is necessary. It took a few hours and I’m very happy with the end result! I am already considering what kind of table top I want to build for the coffee table that will find a home in our living room.

So I put myself out there, wrote a blog about what I planned on doing, and then I did it.

Too many of us talk, talk, talk about what we’d like to do, but we never actually do it.

What “table” do you need to finish today? Just do it. You may be happily surprised at the result.