Three Takeaways From Cheery Chewy

The Internet blew up over the weekend with the Facebook Live video of Candace Payne donning her Chewbacca mask while behind the wheel of her car. This simple video that was likely intended for family and a few friends, went viral, and soon over 150 million people had watched, shared and giggled till they almost wet themselves at the woman with the infectious laugh.

Several times I saw the video in my news feed and just as many times I quickly scrolled over it, thinking that it was not likely worth my time. Finally, after I saw a boatload of friends comment how hilarious the video was, I figured “Why not?” and hit play.

I had tears in my eyes in a few short minutes.

More importantly, I felt like I had hit re-start on my day.

Here are three lessons I learned from this fun-loving mom.

1) Laughter is always the best medicine
When you are feeling down, laughter provides new perspective and relief like nothing else. On some of my worst days I have been turned around in my perspective from a well-timed joke or YouTube video.
When Job is in the throes of grief he is assured by one of his friends that “God will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy” (Job 8:21). While his friend may not have turned out to be a great companion, he did speak truth. I think Job experienced a lot of joy in the second half of his life.

Plus, if you laugh long and hard enough, it’s like doing hundreds of crunches. Now that’s a fun workout!

2) Laughter is infectious
There are a lot of things that can “rub of” onto others in our lives such as a bad attitude, an annoying habit, or an ill-conceived political viewpoint.
These are all negative examples, but on a very positive note, nothing is more infectious than laughter. I don’t have scientific data to back this viewpoint up, but it seems to hold true in everyday life. When I showed the video to a friend, Candace’s laugh blended with my friends laugh soon had me laughing hysterically.

If you want to rub off on others, make it with a laugh.

3) Joy provides strength
When it comes to getting through some of the roughest patches of life, joy = strength. Actually, specifically “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). Joy that comes from a relationship with the Lord is what will get us through every rough patch of grief and despair, and even a few grey, colorless days. I found out this week that Candace Payne is a follower of Jesus and serves on the worship team in her local church. I’m sure that on many occasions she has drawn strength from the joy that comes from having a relationship with Jesus, the Giver of all Joy.

Buy a Chewbacca mask if you want, but no matter what you do, tap into the power of laughter today.

You just might make someone’s day.