How to Beat Writer’s Block (Pt 2)


This is the second in a two part series on How to Beat Writer’s Block and Get Into the Zone in your writing.
Hear me out. YOU are reading this because you know you have something to say. You have a story in you that needs to get out. You can’t afford to get stuck…and there are MANY that need the message you have to share.
So let’s break you out of the rut, punch writer’s block in the gut, and ship some solid material in the next year!

Here are some things that I currently do to keep my writing going.

1) Unplug. I shut off all of my notifications/messages/emails on my computer and make sure to hide my phone. Go the next level and turn off wi-fi. I know I won’t die if I am disconnected for an hour or two from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (really, I tried and I’m still alive). You can do this by using Focus view in Word or going full screen in Scrivener (this is the program I am currently using). You can also use the app Anti-Social to block out distracting websites during times when productivity is key.

2) Coffee. Need I say more? Even the smell of a fresh brewed coffee wakes me up and the warmth provides comfort, but it goes to the next level when the caffeine hits my system. One cup helps me focus without the jitters. Perhaps you are a tea drinker or even Red Bull, whatever you have beside you, make sure it is something that you enjoy. While it’s true that Hemingway liked his alcohol, even he would never drink and write. This is probably good advice for everyone!

3) Music. It has been proven by smart people that the brain is stimulated by classical music and from white noise, such as the din created by a coffee shop. If I listen to anything with lyrics I’m drawn to the words and it slows down my creativity. However, while listening to my classical playlist on iTunes or from the sounds of Focus at Will (a paid site with several styles of music that supposedly boost your concentration) or Coffivity (Coffee shop sounds, totally free) I can blast through a writing session much better. I have used all three and they help me increase my writing productivity. Plus, earbuds shut out the distractions.

What do you do to push through Writer’s Block? Let me know. I’d love to incorporate some of your ideas into my writing process.